Integrated Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Under the initiative of MAKE IN INDIA Patanjali renewable introduce one more renewable energy product, Solar Street light. It is having unique feature and robust design (ALL IN ONE) and high reliability according to the Indian condition. It’s powered by high efficiency Patanjali solar PV module. It is having very compact, module and ALL IN ONE design. Its unique feature of panel adjustment acc to the location make it more efficient.

Silent Feature

  • LiFePO4
  • Ready to use
  • Very easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • RMU facility
  • Charges battery in cloudy days
  • Remote monitoring unit

Integrated Solar Street Light

Roshni Series -15w

Low irradiance: Outstanding low irradiance performance.

PREL current sorting process System output maximized by reducing mismatch losses with modules sorted and packaged by amperage.

Positive Tolerance: Positive tolerance of up to 5W delivers higher output reliability.

High PID resistant Advanced cell technology and qualified materials lead to high resistance to PID

Ip67 Rated junction box 1P67 junction box for long-term weather endurance.

Rigorous testing criteria 100% EL inspection before and after lamination ensuring defect-free modules.

Luminiare Specification

Operating Voltage “11.1± 3% to 14.2 ± 3% Operating voltage >14.2 ±3% : Error Indicator Operating Voltage < 11.2 ± 3% : Low Battery cut off indicator “
Low Battery Cut off 11.1V ± 2%
Reconnect Voltage 12.9V ± 2%
Open Ckt Protection Short Ckt Protection Reverse Polarity Self Consumption Provided Provided provided for both solar panel and battery <5mA
max Charging Current “6.5-7.1A
if charging current greater than 6.5-7.1A, battery charging will be off and recheck every 10 Sec untill charging current less then 6.5-7.1A”
Charging Indicator Green LED indicator blinking
Low Battery Indicator Red Indicator
Error Indicator Both LED Blink and system will restart after ~ 30 Sec
Operating Temp Range 0 to 75 degree C
Ingress Protection IP65
System Wattage (Input) 15W (max)
Input Voltage 12V(nominal)
Input Current 1.25A ± 3 @12V (nominal)
Output Voltage 24V±3%
OutPut current 0.590A±3%
Efficiency >90%
Dust to Down control Yes, AUTO ON/OFF based on dust to down detection. Dusk detection voltage <2.8V±5%,
dawn detection voltage >8V±5%”
led Type High Power LED
CRT >70
CCT 5500K-6500K
Liuminous Efficacy >90 Im/W
Secondary Optics Batwing (Type-II)
Dimming level upto 30% based on time
and PIR motion sensor
Motion Sensor 12Mtr range
MCPCM Grade Details MCPCM Thickness: 1.6mm,
Copper Thickness: 70micron
Charge type PWM (in-built inside luminiare)
Charging algorithm 3, Stage charging(Buck, Constant Voltage, Float)
Temperature Compensation “Provided 3mV drop per cell for each degree rise High Temp protectionTemp>75±5% degree stop chargingTemp <55±5%
Panel Voltage 21V
Panel Wattge 40W (Poly Crystalline)
Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Voltage 12.8V
Battery Capacity (Ah) 21Ah


10 Year Product Warranty        25 Year Performance Warranty

Excellent performance under weak light conditions: at an irradiation 2 intensity of 200 W/m (AM 1.5,25 °C), 96.0% or higher of the STC 2 efficiency (1000 W/m ) is achieved