Solar Hybrid Battery

Solar Hybrid Battery

Every kind of battery is designed on the basis of its application. For example- Solar batteries need to withstand partial state of charge, keeping in mind the irregularities of direct sunlight. Therefore, utmost care is taken to avoid degradation of batteries. Likewise, automotive batteries are made to withstand rigorous vibrations.  While ensuring that Rickshaw batteries have more charging efficiency.

Patanjali batteries are optimally balanced in duration of backup and cycle of life.

Batteries are assembled on latest and advanced machineries. The battery plates are manufactured using high quality raw materials and proprietary additives to maximise battery life, improve heat dissipation, and reduce charging resistance.

High strength tubular plates are manufactured for elongated life. High tensile acid resistant bags are used for firm holding of active material.

The battery plates are well cured at appropriate temperature and humidity. This technique warrants long life (at times more than 5 years) and helps in easy charging of the battery.

High quality PPCP Containers are used for better strength which make them leak proof. PE separator (along with Glass Mat) helps in reducing internal resistance.
The process of filling acid in the batteries is done using specialised chillers. Most advanced pulse charging technique is applied, that supports the battery in reaching its full backup very quickly. The technique also ensures that the battery temperature remains within the prescribed limits.
Before delivering the product, it undergoes various tests; apart from regular laboratory tests, strict quality protocol is followed. Each and every battery is load tested (at high rate) irrespective of its model.