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We are India's largest independent, privately held renewable energy provider we build up clean energy facilities across India. Become a most trusted brand first we think about our country before taking any decision. In these times our nation needs a clean and better energy future. We consume the power of the sun to provide low-cost, clean and green energy to clients. In the previous 10 years, the cost to install utility-scale solar projects has dropped by more than 70% and continues to fall. So the future will turn in to solar energy. Solar energy is simple and scalable and provides great flexibility for the future of the grid. As a daytime power source, solar helps to control electricity needs during peak demand time.

We provide energy-associated products and construct energy infrastructure that drives economic growth and supports. We are a leader in the solar panel manufacturing, Solar Hybrid Inverter, Solar Street Light and Solar Water pump manufacturing. We are producing about 150 megawatts, and our central goal is to accomplish a creation limit of around 500 megawatts before the finish of December 2020.




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Long Time Energy

Store surplus power during the day and use it to power your home long after the sun has set.

Easy and Affordable

You simply pay a low fee that delivers cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power for 20 years.

Renewable and clean energy

Supplies 100% renewable electricity, reducing your carbon footprint

Used For multiple layout

Solar and grid covers all of your electricity needs


Shield free icon Safety

Store surplus power during the day and use it to power your home long after the sun has set.

24 hours free icon Agility

Speed, responsiveness and being proactive, achieved through Empowering Employees.

Care free icon Care

Care for Stakeholders - our Environment, Customer and Shareholders.

Handshake free icon Respect

Treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity

Libra free icon Ethics

Achieved the most admired standards of ethics, through Integrity and mutual Trust

Graph free icon Diligence

Do everything (set direction, deploy actions, analyse, review, plan

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